Do we have a soul? If so, where is it?

Have you ever looked into a coffin to see the lifeless body lying there? It is then that we realise that the personality we knew is no longer present. We usually recognise the face and then we are hit by the fact that there is much more to the human being than a physical body. Yet science, demanding scientific proof, continues to ignore this part of us that is obviously present while we live and leaves when we die.

In essence, our soul is an activity within us which is created by the way we feel, think, and act. Obviously when we die we stop feeling, thinking and acting and it is this activity that leaves the shell of our body at death. Apart from that, we must ask, “Who is feeling, thinking and acting?” The answer is I am. This “I” or ‘self’ is the name we call ourselves when we refer to ourselves. This is our human spirit.

Our “I”, this ‘self’, experiences life through our soul and our body. The “I” is the artist, the soul his work of art and the body is the canvas. Similarly, the “I” is the gardener, the garden is our soul and the soil is our body.

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“This book is amazing! It has clarified so much for me that I have been struggling to comprehend. Her simple and clear way of describing concepts and practices has allowed me to put many of them into immediate practice into my life. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to progress spiritually, or if you just want to understand yourself and other people better!” —

Amanda Gore, Motivational Speaker and Author

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