The consequences of remaining unconscious of the I

SunlightAndShadowThe Newbury MarshesMartinJohnsonHeadec1871_1875

Let’s take a step forward from the last post. It is important for each person to find their I as it expresses itself in daily life. There are consequences if we remain unaware of it.

These words written by Robert Sardello in the Foreword to my book “I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest” (“I Am The Mystery” Kindle version) speak quite clearly of the dangers that lie ahead if we do not do this work.

The sense of the creative being of the I has great significance for what goes on in the world beyond ourselves. Not only do we find ourselves other-oriented when we experience the creative presence of the I, we are able to stand against the usurping of the I that is now taking place everywhere in the world. I tried to speak of this usurping of the I in Freeing the Soul from Fear as doubling which is a pathology of the unconscious I. I mean by doubling that our spirit-being, our I, our spirit-individuality, when it remains unconscious can be taken over and controlled in a radical ways on a mass scale. I did not really have the tools to say what I was trying to say in that writing, and it is only now, with this work of Kristina Kaine’s that the predicament and dangers we face in this time of the evolution of consciousness become fully apparent.

It is imperative to recognize the consequences of failing to come to an experience of the I. Doubling is now a rampant pathology in our culture, and consists of cleverness taking the place of creativity, incredible cruelty taking the place of selflessness, complete self-centeredness taking the place of community, and force taking the place of true inner power and authority. We have to ask how it is possible for the cleverness and cruelty that we see from many corporate leaders, politicians, heads of state to exist. When we look at these people, it is easy to see that the person is ‘not there’, that something has usurped the very core of their being. This pathology cannot be accounted for nor understood by any current psychology because it is not about psychology; it is about the spirit. We have not had a full understanding of the individual spirit and its operation in daily living, until this writing by Kristina Kaine.”

Image: Sunlight and Shadow: The Newbury Marshes – Martin Johnson Heade, c.1871-1875

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