Hello, I am Kristina Kaine and I have been writing about the awareness of human nature for many years. My studies over the last 30 years have revealed to me that we are not just bodies and we are certainly not higher animals. We are beings of body, soul and spirit – human beings. So why do we so strongly identify with our body and think we are just this body? Simply because we don’t know what our soul is. Also, our body obscures our soul.

I explore ways of assisting us to become aware of who we really are; beings of soul and spirit who use a body as a vehicle much like we use a car to transport us from place to place. This is not a straightforward experience and we need to find ways of becoming more aware our soul. Essentially our soul is revealed in how and what we think, why certain feelings arise within us, and what prompts us to behave the way we do. For the most part we each do these things differently, that is what makes us unique.

Will you join me in this quest to discover who you really are?

PS The photo above is the Pacific ocean where I live, Merimbula NSW Australia