Animal, Vegetable or Mineral and don’t forget Human

The human species is not the pinnacle of the animal kingdom. It doesn’t take much to debunk this myth because the mystery of the human is more accessible than we think. It is a matter of observing the world around us and contemplating what we see. Trouble is, most of the time we don’t give our observations a second thought.

Take a moment and imagine a rock, a plant, an animal, and a human being. Jot down the differences between these four things. One difference between them is movement. The rock moves the least and the human being moves the most diversely – not only because of the opposable thumb but also because of other physiological, including movements in the brain associated with thought.

The one thing to notice here is that we are only considering physical differences. To fully understand that differences we must ask about the differences in soul and spirit? When we do, we truly understand what differentiates these four things.

The rock, the plant, the animal and the human each has a physical, etheric or life force, astral or motion and consciousness, and I or higher awareness; but not all of these aspects enter into physical manifestation. We could say they do not incarnate fully into physical expression.

Rock – physical                                     etheric, astral and I remain in a non-physical state

Plant – physical + etheric                      astral and I not physically present

Animal – physical + etheric + astral       no access to the I

Humans have access in this physical world to all four aspects.

To understand this fully we can keenly observe each state of being and experience the differences for ourselves. We might also discover how some minerals, plants and animals move forward or backwards in these states. For instance, when a plant becomes mineralised, or a human being acts like an animal.

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