Are we born with a soul?

Newborn babies are absorbed in three core activities; to cry and to eat and to excrete. They can’t focus their eyes, they can’t smile and they can’t co-ordinate their limbs. Why is this? The answer to this question carries the key to understanding the soul.

Usually our soul is not connected with our body when we are born. Observe a newborn baby closely and you will see that the human soul connects up with us when, as babies, our eyes are able to focus. The time for this soul connection can vary from at the time of birth to many weeks after birth. Some babies accept their soul easily and others do not – this can be observed by their amount of restlessness.

Newborns do reveal a personality shining through and in those early weeks and months, much time is spent by parents analysing their personality and their temperament. Personality is not the expression of the soul but rather of the human spirit. This is an important distinction to make as we begin to explore these hidden aspects of our selves.

Quoted from “I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest” now available as an ebook

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