Understanding Human Nature

We cannot begin to understand human nature unless we understand the makeup of every human being. As I often write, we are not just a physical body, we have a life-force or etheric body which keeps the physical body alive. If the etheric body disconnects we die. We then have... Read More

Evolution of Consciousness

Now more than ever we must try to understand our place in evolution. It is only through this striving that we connect with our ‘I’, our Higher Self. This cannot be weekend work, we must engage with it in every moment. Before we know it, our ‘I’ begins to change... Read More

Practicing Soul Awareness

As we move through each day, we can become aware that when we think we create a mental picture. We are not always aware of this because we are more concerned with the outcome of the thought. If we can pull back a bit and think about thinking, we will... Read More

Refining our Consciousness

As part of our development from lower to higher expressions of consciousness we have to become aware of our feelings and sensations. Our feelings and sensations are necessary to live productive lives but they can counteract our higher development. We can’t dispense with these basic feelings, they are necessary to... Read More

What is the point of reincarnation?

As we work with our soul faculties of feeling, thinking and willing, we experience the extent to which each of these is developed. Usually the most active of these is feeling because we have worked with it the longest. Our task is to ennoble our feeling so that it moves... Read More

Consequences of I Connecting

There are consequences to connecting with our I, our Higher Self. This is the reason we have to work hard to connect with it, so that when we do, we remain strong and objective. We could compare this process with that of climbing a mountain and being able to survey... Read More

Who is conducting your soul?

I just heard the famous conductor Riccardo Muti being interviewed about the way he conducts an orchestra. He is in Australia at the moment and has conducted the Australian World Orchestra. He explained that conducting is not just about waving your arms around, mentioning that a donkey could do that.... Read More

True Purpose of Forgetting

There is a great fear in society that as we grow older our memory fades. We forget many things: people’s names, where we left something, what we were about to say, the list goes on. We regard forgetting as a flaw when, in fact, the opposite is the case. We... Read More
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