Getting to know ourselves more intimately.

If we are very honest with ourselves there is a deep yearning within us to know other human beings intimately. This is a yearning to get behind the façade, to do away with the act that most of us put on when we face the world. This act is like... Read More

Do you have Power over your Willpower?

Our will is a mysterious force and it receives a lot of attention in the personal development realm. We are often told that we can have anything we want, we just have to want it enough. But at what cost? To understand our will, and the power of it, we... Read More

What is behind feelings of inadequacy.

I hope that you are beginning to be able to identify your “I”. Just think of it as that part of us that directs the activity in our soul; our feeling, our thoughts and our actions. We might wonder how this actually works in practical terms. No one can teach... Read More