True Purpose of Forgetting

There is a great fear in society that as we grow older our memory fades. We forget many things: people’s names, where we left something, what we were about to say, the list goes on. We regard forgetting as a flaw when, in fact, the opposite is the case. We... Read More

What is behind aggression and hostility?

What is behind the increasing exposure of aggression and hostility in society? At the same time, it is often met with a similar level of aggression and hostility. Perhaps this is because we live in a world that is increasingly fostering freedom of expression. People are doing things and revealing... Read More

Do We Really Understand Freedom?

We all want to be free but do we really understand freedom? To understand freedom we need to differentiate between our soul and our ‘I’ and understand how these two can beneficially work together. This is what I describe in my book “I Connecting.” These words of Krishnamurti reveal the... Read More

What is Spirit? What is Soul?

There is great confusion between soul and spirit in our language today. Unless we clearly understand the difference between the two we will never understand either one of them. George Kuhlewind in his book “The Gentle Will” describes spirit as “matter-free and meaningful.” Then he points out that meanings are... Read More

Post-truth is certainly pre-truth

The term post-truth is astounding. There is nothing true about it. The Oxford dictionary awarded this term “Word of the year 2016.” Their definition of it is: ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’.... Read More