Being Authentic

I am totally over trying to be what other people want me to be. Or, to put it more accurately, trying to be what I think others what me to be. What is it that makes us want to be something more, or something less, than we really are? Is there... Read More

Knowing Ourselves

In many ways it is strange that we do not fully understand the anatomy of our soul and spirit. Even the simplest person knows quite a lot about the anatomy of their body, yet the anatomy of our soul and spirit is largely ignored. I say ignored instead of unknown because... Read More

Are we born with a soul?

Newborn babies are absorbed in three core activities; to cry and to eat and to excrete. They can’t focus their eyes, they can’t smile and they can’t co-ordinate their limbs. Why is this? The answer to this question carries the key to understanding the soul. Usually our soul is not... Read More

Thinking is a series of images that we have gathered in memory

Thinking is the most conscious soul force. When we think we connect mental pictures we have stored in our memory as a result of past experiences. The capacity to form images, both past and present, gives us the possibility to have a wise understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Whether our understanding and subsequent actions are wise particularly depends on the effort we make to be conscious of what we experience. Life constantly streams by us and if we take in images without observing them we have less chance of making sense of these images and using them to respond wisely. Of course we can’t expect to be fully aware of everything around us, but the more we strive to increase our awareness the more empowered we are to respond appropriately.

One area to be particularly aware of is the images from the media that stream into us. The media is responsible for so many urban myths that rarely contain any truth. We need to have the courage to say “I don’t know” when asked for our opinion. The whole “trial by media” phenomena is based on opinions that have no way of knowing the truth of the matter.

We are served up so many ready-made thoughts that it can be hard to discern what we ourselves actually think. Try this exercise.

Make a list two ready-made thoughts you have gained from each of the following sources:



Other relatives


Work colleagues

The media


Who are you?

Free book of essays to inspire you. My essay is called “Who are You?” It starts like this: This is a burning question for many of us. Why are we so curious about others? The media makes a fortune out of our curiosity. But when we read the articles that... Read More

Soul faculties have a home base – find yours today.

“I don’t understand the connection between the 3 soul faculties and the 3 soul regions-how they interrelate?” This is such a good question. The three soul faculties are feeling, thinking and willing and together they form our consciousness. If they are not working together correctly we are not fully conscious.... Read More

How do you feel about your feelings?

It might seem strange to consider that our soul is an inner activity where our feeling, thinking and will (intentions) play out. These three interact with each other in many and various ways. So that we can become more aware of this activity it is better to try and observe... Read More