Consequences of I Connecting

There are consequences to connecting with our I, our Higher Self. This is the reason we have to work hard to connect with it, so that when we do, we remain strong and objective.

We could compare this process with that of climbing a mountain and being able to survey the whole landscape. From the perspective of the human I we begin to see clearly all the lower expressions both in our own being, as well as in others.

This means we must take great care not to judge others, and certainly not point out their behaviour to them. This could be quite damaging, it could lead them down some difficult paths. The same is true of the way we observe our own shortcomings. Observing with interest and resolving to be better is the healthy approach.

The insight we gain through the I needs to be tempered with love. Love is the antidote for the agony and grief that rises up within us as we see our own shortcomings as well as the shortcomings of others. Most often we should never point out these shortcomings but simply look on compassionately, always hopeful for greater awareness.

In fact, it is in the silent witnessing that we each have the power to rise above ourselves. When we do this, we are empowered to be more perfect human beings. It is the way we tread the path that matters, not arriving at our destination by the shortest route, but by the most meaningful route.

What is more, this silent witnessing has a greater effect on others than pointing out where they have fallen short.

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