Darkness is a most misunderstood concept. We shouldn’t automatically assume that darkness is a bad thing. Yet, if given the choice, we might admit that we would choose light over darkness. We may even say that we prefer to avoid darkness.

Exploring the idea of darkness, we can see that the future emerges out of darkness. Darkness is a very valuable state, within it is potential. We only need to think of the seed or the embryo that germinates in darkness. We know that if the seed stays in the dark, it will never produce fruit, nor will the embryo be born. Therefore, it follows that we can be in a state of darkness for a time, before we enter a state of light. To stay in the light, or in the darkness, means that we will never reach our human potential.

This also means that our development happens in both periods of light and periods of darkness, periods of growth and periods of germination. Each time we feel that we are in a dark period of our life, instead of being miserable we can recognize the potential that exists within us. The light of the past has faded, we have moved into a period of inner activity that points to a new future. Within the darkness, the unconscious will forces are germinating; in the light conscious thinking manifests. This suggests that we alternate between periods where our thinking is clear, then it fades into darkness and our will as a germinating force becomes active. If we can become aware of this in our lives we can make the best use of it. Kristina Kaine
Image: Sunrise in Kerala by Alan 2988 Wiki

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