Discover your Soul

We often have a sense that our soul has something to do with feeling. Many of us will point to our heart if we are asked where our soul is.

If we are asked about where our thinking happens then we point to our head and we mean that it happens in our brain.

We know that when we act that our action comes about through our limbs, especially our hands.

These three parts of our bodies, heart, head and hands are not where our feeling, thinking and action are directed from, they are where the results of our feeling, thinking and action are expressed. They are the vehicles. So where does this activity actually begin? In our soul. Our soul is an unseen element in our being that works away like the unseen mechanics in a motor vehicle. We see the result of the mechanics of the car in its movement.

Let’s start with some practical activity. We will use some of the components of the Quest of the Soul Work Book written by my colleague Anita Joy Louis.

In this first section you will come to know the forces that are your soul more intimately. To become more aware of the activity of each soul force and how the forces interact with each other enables us to have greater influence over the outcomes of our soul activity.
Our soul is not a thing; it’s an activity

Our soul can best be experienced and understood when we visualise it as interacting forces of feeling, thinking and willing (intention or action). These forces mingle within and around our physical body.

Activity 1 My Soul Image

Draw an image of your soul. Use different colours to represent your experience of the different feelings, thoughts and intentions of your soul.

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