Evolution of Consciousness

Now more than ever we must try to understand our place in evolution. It is only through this striving that we connect with our ‘I’, our Higher Self.
This cannot be weekend work, we must engage with it in every moment. Before we know it, our ‘I’ begins to change the way we see life, and the way other’s see us. This does not always go smoothly, but if our connection with our ‘I’ is strong we will prevail.
I wrote these words for my latest book, which places our work into perspective.
“Originally, human beings were fully immersed in the cosmos; there was no separation between them and their environment. Everything was spiritual and they lived in a passive state with no sense of self, no thinking, and no freedom.
When the sense of self was born, with it came the experience of separation and personal ideas. Now we are moving back to a state of unity with the spirit through our experience of the Higher Self, no longer in a passive state but more consciously. We only achieve this level of consciousness through thinking and experiencing true freedom.
Each time I visit these truths I see them more vividly. It occurs to me that with my ability to see the current state of humanity on the earth, and to compare it with future possibilities, I am assisting evolution to move forward. This is something every human being can do. By not feeling defeated by this task, which can seem impossible at times, every human being can create imaginations of what it will be like when individual human beings co-operate with each other respectfully, lovingly, and with purpose. Then they will no longer be blind to the spiritual foundations of the earth, and they will hear the truth and experience true, self-born freedom.” To Journey Back Vol 5 by Kristina Kaine
Christmas Blessings to all.
Painting: The Threshold of the Spiritual World by Liane Collet d’Herbois

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  1. Simon Mervyn-Jones

    A timely expansive reminder, especially coming into the week after the weekend.

    Christmas Blessings to you also,

    Simon Mervyn-Jones

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