Fear – its true nature

I have written about fear before but recently in Australia, we have encountered a new level of fear through massive bushfires. Side by side with this fear is a deep feeling of love selflessly expressed through offering assistance to those in need.

The only way to truly deal with fear is to understand it. Perhaps situations that cause a lot of fear arise to give us the opportunity to develop our understanding, not just of fear but also of our true human nature. Understanding true human nature means that we find a way to experience that we are beings of soul and spirit occupying a body on this earth. The body, as I often say, is a vehicle, like a car. The soul and spirit compare to the engine and the driver.

If we become a soul investigator and work with these ideas throughout the day as we interact with life, we begin to experience this truth. Then we have the ability to overcome our fear and experience our spiritual nature.

“A soul investigator may come across the following: In ordinary life the human being finds support and strength by checking the fear that lives in his subconsciousness. But a spiritual investigator cannot fail to see the fear which always lives in the soul’s depths. He enters the spiritual world by overcoming this fear. If this fear rises to the surface without entering human consciousness, if it knocks at the door, as it were, and a person ignores it in spite of all, what takes place and what enables that person to overlook this feeling? He pushes down fear, as it were, by denying the existence of the spiritual world.

Materialists and monists are therefore afraid of the spiritual world; this fear lives in their soul’s depth and their materialism dazes them, so that they do not notice it. This is a strange phenomenon; nevertheless it is true that materialism is based upon an unknown, unnamed fear.” Rudolf Steiner, “How Can we Gain Knowledge of the Supersensible Worlds?” 9.3.1913

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