How well do we understand self-interest, and in its extreme, narcissism?

We need to be interested in ourselves; and in this way we look after ourselves and keep ourselves safe and healthy. This is essential for our life on earth. Life on earth is very important because it gives us the opportunity to develop into the highest possible human being we can become and in this way make the greatest possible contribution to human development.

Now more than ever before in human history we have the possibility to connect with our Higher Self, the human I, or the I Am. Doing this work can be like wielding a two-edged sword. We have two choices; we can express our Higher Self through our lower self; or we can leave our lower self and focus on our Higher Self. This may sound a little strange but if we look at it a bit more closely we will see what this involves.

Our lower self is the home of ego. Ego has its place; to put ourselves first is a prerequisite for keeping ourselves safe. This place of safety is a place to travel through not a place to stay. If we stay there selfishness escalates, like the captain of the ship who is the first to leave the sinking ship. If we think seriously about selfishness we can see that it strengthens us, making us strong contributors to life which makes life better for everyone. If we then bask in the glory of our contribution we have overstepped the mark.

Our task is to wield the sword with diligence, never favoring one edge over the other. It is also important to keep the sword moving, which requires the conscious use of our will, and in this way our Higher Self continually guides our lower self. While we must keep watch for our selfish, lower self tendencies, in my observation, it is also possible to accentuate the Higher Self which can bring about extremes of narcissism.

Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse 1903

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