Human or Animal – what’s the difference?

MandrillInJungleHenri Rousseau1909

We have to admit that we are lazy thinkers when it comes to fully understanding certain issues. Often what we know is an aggregate of what most people find acceptable. But, is that the truth? I recently read that Darwin’s theory had been put forward by other people and often been discussed and refuted by thorough research. Yet now, his theory that complex creatures evolve from more simplistic ancestors naturally over time is widely accepted. This reduces man to a state of being an advanced animal.

If we think of man as an advanced animal, we can never come to a true understanding of the nature of a human being. The essential difference between animals and humans is that humans have an ‘I’ which gives them the ability to walk fully upright, to think complex thoughts and to speak using a broad language. These abilities did not evolve from lower life, if anything they came from somewhere higher.

The problem we face in trying to place these ideas in our lives is that we have to ‘cross the threshold’ of this physical world. We have to find our way into that non-physical sphere which is the very source life. This is where the source of our ‘I’ being is and we have to connect with it which is why I called my book “I Connecting”. When a human being uses the name “I” – which only we can use to refer to ourselves – we are expressing ourselves through the mirrored reflection of the greater ‘I’ that we can come to know through advanced thinking.

In this bLog I try to introduce these concepts in the simplest form possible to assist readers to think these things through for themselves and apply them in their life. I would be very pleased if you could ask some questions that arise as you read my words – it could help to clarify things for other as well.

Image: Mandrill in the Jungle by Henri Rousseau, 1909

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