What is I Connecting?

Who are you?

Who or what do we mean when we say “I”? We mean ourselves of course, we cannot say “I” and mean someone else. This may sound silly but if you think about it for long enough you start to experience your own uniqueness. Then it gets really interesting because then you discover that this part of you that says “I” is a law until itself. This is where things can get curly. Here is where we get to make real choice. This is the part of us that many people do not want us to find out about. But hey! we are responsible people. Aren’t we?

What is easy about I Connecting?

The easiest thing about it is that you are going to get the know the person you know the best – you! You are really going to get to know yourself. You will quickly get an insight into why you do some of the things you do. Those who have read this book several times say that each time they read it they get it some more. It is as if the book works on them, changing them naturally and organically. How easy is that!


Why 'I' Connect?

This book will change your life. The moment you start reading it you will be changed. You will think differently, you will deal with your feelings differently, and this will change your behaviour, the way you act – which is your will. When things go wobbly in your life you will be able to use those situations to check out the new you. Instead of getting sucked into a fight with your friend you will be able to observe patterns of behaviour that in the past have lead you on a downward spiral. Now you will be in charge and when your friends and family push your buttons they will think that there has been a power failure. You might have to assist them to learn how to be with you now that you have changed.

Anything hard about I Connecting?

There is so much truth in the saying, “No gain without pain.” Even though there are many things about ourselves that annoy us, and annoy others, we are secretly in love with the way we are. If we could exchange lives with another person today, we would choose to stay ourselves. This is because there is something very comfortable about being ourselves. Yet to be free of all our bad habits we need to awaken our soul and become acquainted with our I. We need to find out who we really are. It is almost like discovering the super-star inside us. Perhaps that is what attracts us to the super stars in the world – it trains us for the moment when we discover that we too are a super-star. It is so interesting to hear the super-stars say, “I am really just a ordinary human being like you.” This is just non-sense. What they should say, we are all superstars. We just need to stand in our talents, which we all have, and get to know who we really are.


Read the signs in current affairs

If we are really honest with ourselves we will admit that we feel powerless in the face of global events? We ask ourselves what we can I do about the environment? Have shorter showers, turn off all our electrical appliances at the wall, stop this, and stop that. What is going on! Well what is going on is that we are being imprisoned by fear.

The only way to answer any of these questions is to start with self. We are called to know ourselves more thoroughly. Each human being is powerful, has choices and can experience freedom but we live in a world that makes us feel that the opposite is true.

This book uses plain language to assist you to understand why you feel, think and behave the way you do. It uses a simple psychology (soul-science) which you can work with immediately. It will lead you to experience your higher self so that your lower self does not get its way as often.

When you read this book and apply its contents to your daily life, you will connect up with our I, your higher Self, and your view of the world will change. Not only that, your relationships will change, those you have relationships with will change also and consequently the world will change – in unexpected ways. We don’t need to think about ways of changing the world, for the world will become a different place because we have changed ourselves. If you study this book it will reveal to you how we often operate from a pseudo-self. Simply by becoming aware of this we begin to express ourselves from our true being – then we become I-connected and soul-aware.


Short video explaining the difference between body, soul and spirit.