Insanity is a fractured soul

In an increasingly automated world we often do not realise how the work of our soul is done for us. We also do not realise how this fractures our soul. In this way the functions of the soul are hijacked which leads to a lack of conscious awareness.

If we are to deal with this we need to understand exactly what the work of our soul is. The work of the soul is the conscious use of thinking, feeling and will. We can’t work with these activities consciously unless we learn to recognise them and see how they work together. If they don’t work together we become insane. This would explain why the numbers of people with mental problems is increasing.

In his series of lectures published as Esoteric Cosmology, Lecture 8, Rudolf Steiner says that insanity is the involuntary separation of the faculties of thinking, feeling and willing without being able to reunite them through our will.

This tells us that it is very important to understand how thinking works with will and feeling. The following is a great explanation.

“Thinking understands the world in terms of the past, applying categories of the known world to what the person experiences in the present. Everything is compared to the past. Thinking even thinks that time moves as thinking does, from the past to the present. However, willing streams from the future. It does not come with concepts and categories and associations, because the future hasn’t been appraised by thinking yet. Thus thinking rejects future-streaming as impossible. Yet everyone has a sense of what’s-coming, not a worked-out thinking-sense but an impression of the destiny of the self and of the world. Sometimes this pops through as premonition, which is a future-fact dipping enough into the past that thinking can grasp it and claim it as its own. … In the centre is the realm of feeling, of heart and lung, the feeling in the present for what is happening relationally between those who take this expedition of life together. When the will is functioning and in balance with the thinking function, them the heart sings.” David Tresemer, “The Counselor” page 280

If we apply this to our own soul throughout the day we will experience the truth of it.

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