Is Your Soul Active?

Continuous movement, mostly rhythmic yet also creative, typifies the working of the soul forces …the risk is that the soul forces become hardened. “The Counselor …as if soul and spirit matter.” p128f

As I continue to read this excellent book, I experience the full impact of the way we, as a human race, have killed the human soul. We have assigned its activity to the physical body thereby mechanising it. We have encased our soul in flesh, imprisoning it, crippling it, so it becomes hardened and habitual. The only possible result from this is madness.

Rather than describe a person as mad, which we do increasingly, we could simply say that they have an entrapped soul. This leads us to ask about ways in which we can restore rhythmic, creative movement to the forces of our soul. While we can think of our soul as a personal part of us, we also have this soul-activity in common with all human beings. This is one reason why it is good to talk to others about our life experiences. In this way, we are checking in with the collective soul nature.

What makes our soul individual is the way we connect with our “I”. We each do this differently and in this way colour our personality. Otherwise, we would part of a group soul with no individuality.

A helpful activity to give our soul back its mobility is to become aware of the way we change from feeling, to thinking, to activity of will. We can take note of when we say “I feel this” or “I think that” or “I will do something.” Once we raise our awareness of these three soul functions we can experience the difference between, “I feel I want to do something,” “I think I will do something,” or “I will do something.” This is one way of understanding the continuous movement in our soul as we make decisions in our lives. If we are inclined to linger in feeling mode and no activity results, just becoming aware of that can change the way we respond to the situations in our life. It could also be wise to think a little longer before acting, but sometimes it is better to go right ahead and act. The best way for us to understand these ideas, it to put them to the test throughout each day.

Image: Is our soul like the rocks or the ocean?

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