Practicing Soul Awareness

As we move through each day, we can become aware that when we think we create a mental picture. We are not always aware of this because we are more concerned with the outcome of the thought. If we can pull back a bit and think about thinking, we will be more aware of the mental picture we are creating.

As this is taking place in our soul, where our faculties of thinking, feeling and will operate, we can become aware that we add the faculty of will to this picture, coupled with a tinge of feeling (like or dislike), then we are ready to act in the world. Of course, this happens in a split second, which is why we are not fully aware of the process. Our action involves the physical body and while we are aware of the thought, and partially aware of the feeling, we are asleep to what the will actually does. To become more aware of this we need to live with more awareness of our inner life.

When we live within ourselves we see how we connect all our mental pictures. We then add will to the group of pictures to strive towards a higher understanding. The more we engage in this soul-activity, the more we build up and fine-tune our soul organs of sensing; sight, hearing etc., then the more we can become aware of spirit which underlies everything.

This means that at the same time that our physical eyes and ears perceive the outer world, the soul eyes and ears perceive spirit. By closely observing the activity in our soul, like different ‘uses’ of the will, we come to know what is operating in our physical being and what is operating in our soul and spirit and how they interact. Then we can say that we have soul awareness.

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