Refining our Consciousness

As part of our development from lower to higher expressions of consciousness we have to become aware of our feelings and sensations. Our feelings and sensations are necessary to live productive lives but they can counteract our higher development. We can’t dispense with these basic feelings, they are necessary to keep our lives safe. Rather, we need to learn to refine and strengthen them so that we can live practical lives with an elevated consciousness.

Feelings and sensations sit in the core of our soul and we identify them as sympathies and antipathies. One attracts, the other repels. We cannot know our soul unless we understand the role of sympathy and antipathy in our soul. Initially they work together, with one taking the lead. So if we are repelled by something antipathy is the dominant feeling with sympathy taking a back seat.

Sympathy and antipathy can work in different ways in our soul. The first way is where sympathy can appear greedy and feel insatiable because antipathy repels what could satisfy the sympathy. Here we see how lower sensual impulses and selfish instincts arise.

Another way is when these two forces work in balance and bring about neutrality. This means that everything that approaches us is considered sensitively without decision. Then there is a third way where sympathy dominates and we want to draw everything to us – but for our own advantage.

The next way is where antipathy retires and sympathy seeks to express itself in higher unbiased ways. In the beginning bias can still exist calling us to use our will to reject any special sympathies so that we can be an objective human being. By identifying this activity in our soul we become much more aware of ourselves.

In this way we evolve out of small communities into a broader love of all humanity. We experience peace, harmony and the importance of community.

Artwork: Cody Hopper

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