Shifting Human Consciousness

“Biggest challenge we face is shifting human consciousness, not saving the planet. Planet doesn’t need saving. We do.” Xiohtezcatl Martinez

Brave words, important words. What does the shifting of human consciousness mean? To shift in broad terms means to change position. This tells us our consciousness was in one position and it is moving to, or needs to move to, another position. If we say the ‘position’ has to do with awareness we begin to understand how this shift may be happening.

The shift is not so much about becoming spiritually aware as it is about our level of awareness in our life as we live it day to day. How aware are we of the cause of all the emotions and feelings we experience throughout the day? How often do we ask ourselves why we are attracted to one thing, or one person, and reject others?

The shift in consciousness means that we have to wake up. We have to become wide-awake to the purpose of our life and the purpose of this planet. The purpose of every experience in our lives, no matter how small, is to wake us up. For example, we are driving along, listening to music and engrossed in thought, and suddenly someone cuts us off. We become angry, toot the horn, and probably curse the person. What we might not realise is that they woke us up so that we avoid a potentially fatal accident five minutes down the road.

If we strive to see our lives from a higher point of view, the ‘I’-view, our consciousness will shift. We will be able to value everything that happens because we see the reason behind it. If we can do this the planet, which is a living organism, will change as we are changed.

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