The Link between Soul Health and Physical Health

Odilon Redonflower-cloudsboat

If we are to really understand the many health issues in the world today we will need a better understanding of our body, soul and spirit. The pop-psychology that says you are what you eat and you can become healthy through positive thinking only scratches the surface of the truth of the matter. The connection between the four elements of the human anatomy explains all our states of health and illness. We look at these elements in the last post: physical (soil), life (plant), consciousness (animal) and I (human). If we then consider that the soul has three activities; feeling, thinking and willing. These can be associated with three distinct activities in our body:

  1. The rhythm of heart and lungs – feeling,
  2. The activity of the nervous system – thinking, and
  3. Metabolism and movement – willing.

Therefore, if the rhythm of our heart and lungs is disrupted in any way, e.g., blood pressure, influenza and stress etc. then we can examine the activity of our feelings. If we can find ways of calming and /or channelling our feelings we can influence these types of health issues. If we tend to be nervous, or nervous in certain situations, we can look at the activity of our thinking and try to change our thought patterns. If we have problems with our digestion or our mobility we can explore the ways in which we use or misuse our will. Image: Odilon Redon Flower Clouds

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