The whole world is mad except me and thee, and even thee… *

We are led to believe that deteriorating mental health is at epidemic proportions. We are now at the point where we are inclined to question our own sanity. What a hopeless way to live our lives!

There is much more to this than meets the eye, and we can only make sense of it if we cast a long view over the development of human consciousness. Anyone can see that the way we think has changed over the last few decades, and certainly over the last 100 years. We only have to look at the history of the industrial age to identify the shift.

We might also notice that this change is gathering pace. If we then consider the threefold human being; body, soul and spirit, we might ask how this change affects us in our body, our soul and our spirit. Hold that idea and think about the effects of a change of job on your work-life, home-life and even on your body. A certain amount of adjustment is required in every area and doesn’t always go as smoothly as we would hope.

This is exactly what happens within us as our consciousness changes. The change starts in the soul as the interaction between thinking, feeling, and will is disrupted. Because each of these have a link to the three areas in our physical body identified as physical (will-metabolism), etheric (thinking-memory) and astral (feeling-emotion) we would expect some disruption here as well. It is this disruption that manifests as ‘mental’ instability if we do not manage the change. The way we manage the inner shift between thinking, feeling and will is individual, it varies according to which aspect of change needs to be managed first; thinking, feeling or will. Left unmanaged long term damage can result.

If we at all times remember these wonderful words of Michaela Gloeckler, “The essential core of every individual is always considered to be sound.” we will always have the confidence to know that we are the master of our changing consciousness. We find this confidence in our “I”. The “I” is the essential core of our being and it is as perfect as a newly born baby. Each one of us has an “I” regardless of race, colour or creed. To really look into every human being we encounter and recognise this fact is the greatest honour we can pay to each other, and in this way we honour ourselves.

* “All the world is queer save thee and me, and even thou art a little queer.” Attributed to Robert Owen

If you would like to discover your “I” in all its glory you will find my book “I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest” (paperback) or I AM The Mystery (Kindle) very helpful. The workbook I AM Exercises, written by my good friend Anita-Joy Louis, Psychotherapist, is a great tool for awakening our awareness to the work of our “I” in our soul.

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