True Human Anatomy


Once you know the real anatomy of a human being you wonder how you ever lived life without this knowledge – it explains so much.

We have four “bodies”; physical (soil), life (plant), consciousness (animal) and I (human). When we sleep the animal and human parts leave and all that remains in the bed is the soil and plants parts. When we die only the soil part remains, the other three detach permanently and continue to exist!

These three parts then go through some processes and we gradually free ourselves from them until just the human part remains. This human part eventually prepares to take up another body and live another life on this earth. This is the bit that many people find so hard to understand. Yet, if you think about it, it makes so much sense.

We can only do so much in our lives. The constraints of time and space only allow for a certain amount of activity. Especially when the animal and human parts of us need to leave for a few hours in every twenty-four hours. As well as that, the soil and plant parts of us wear out over time. If we place all this information into the idea that consciousness evolves, a whole new story emerges.

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