Understanding Human Nature

We cannot begin to understand human nature unless we understand the makeup of every human being.

As I often write, we are not just a physical body, we have a life-force or etheric body which keeps the physical body alive. If the etheric body disconnects we die. We then have a body that animates us which is called the astral body, and finally we have the human I which gives us a higher consciousness. These four elements make the human being complete.

It is helpful to describe these four elements in another way. The physical body can be compared to the mineral world. The life-force or etheric is comparable to the plant kingdom. Consciousness, the astral is like the animal kingdom. The fourth element is the ‘I’ which sets human beings above the other three elements.

As I write in my book “I Connecting” human beings are not fully connected with their ‘I’, it is a process they are currently engaged in. The stronger the connection with the ‘I’ the higher the consciousness.

The experience of the ‘I’ can be confused with the ego. The ego in its lowest expression is more closely connected with the astral than the ‘I’. This ego expression is then egotistical and selfish whereas a strong connection with the ‘I’ is selfless. This selfless expression is loving and compassionate. It values others as much as it values self.

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