Understanding the difference between the I and Astral

If we are to connect with our I, there is no more important task than for us to consciously purify our astral body. Just as we can’t clean our bathroom of mold unless we know where it is, and how to clean it, so we cannot purify our astral body.
First of all we turn our attention to the fact that it is through our astral body that we are consciously awake and aware; we recognize this when we observe the difference between a plant and an animal. We also recognize this when we compare the difference between being asleep and awake. We cannot fall asleep while our astral body remains connected to us.
Then we observe that our astral body gives us sentience; the capacity to feel, perceive and experience things subjectively. Through our astral body things become personal and egos are active. We need this sense of self to keep us safe, nourished and comfortable. This self-centredness is good on the one hand, but on the other hand we mustn’t be absorbed by it. It is the self-absorption that must be purified, and, it is the work of purification not the end result that matters.
The third observation we can make of our astral body is to see how, through it, we combine all the ideas stored in our etheric body. We know the bath is hot because the amount of heat registers in our astral body. Then our etheric body remembers that for next time so we don’t burn ourselves.
The lowest regions of our astral body rest in the faculty of feeling, when feelings are refined they are raised to the region of our soul where they combine with our capacity to think, the more refined the feelings, the clearer the thinking. Finally we arrive at the forces of will, where feeling and thinking influence our intentions and motives.
Now we can see how the astral body refines itself to become the human soul. It is when we begin to work consciously with feeling, thinking and will, that we can begin to purify our astral body. Otherwise we operate instinctively. Purification always involves a certain amount of pain. As we are able to bear the pain, this is when the work starts to move beyond self and our perspective broadens.
First written in 2016 for the Fourth Holy Night Meditation by Kristina Kaine
Photo by Ahmed Saffu on Unsplash

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