What do we know about Feeling?

One important task for those who work at becoming consciously aware of themselves as I-beings is to awaken to the faculty of feeling. It is through feeling that we touch the world. Yet, for the most part our faculty of feeling is dream-like, we are not fully aware of it.

George Kuhlewind, in his book The Gentle Will, describes the nature of feeling in great detail.

He says when we talk about feeling we often mean emotions. These are the “noncognitive waves of feeling that overwhelm us (anger, jealousy, envy, depression, and so forth).” He says that our aim is to develop cognitive feeling. The emotions listed can only partially be controlled because we cannot determine whether they are present or absent. For the most part these emotions trap our feeling forces and we have the task of freeing them.

At the beginning it was stated that we touch the world through feeling, feeling is at the interface of our inner and outer world. If this feeling is only semiconscious then how can we know the world? Only when our ability to feel becomes more conscious.

One thing we need to try to be aware of is the way feelings arise in us. For the most part our feelings accept or reject, and they do this because of our part experiences. If we detect a feeling of rejection arising we can quickly guide it into a neutral zone. In this way, we remain open to a new result. Try this over the next little while and see how much more consciously you feel.

Artist: Maxfield Parrish

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