What does your soul look like?

What picture did you draw? Was it anything like this?

“While we can say that our soul is our inner world, at the same time we can see that its activity moves around us as well. From the following diagram we can see that it is our physical body that swims within our soul, not the reverse. If we imagine that we are swimming in the ocean of our feelings, thoughts and intentions, we can see that we are within our soul and at the same time it is our inner world. In fact, we could say that the activity of our soul can be found where our inner life connects with our environment.

Picture the soul extending fifty to sixty centimetres (18-24 inches) from our body. Remember that the cloud is the activity of our soul stimulated by our feelings, thoughts and intentions. The outline shows that the physical body is both inside the soul and interpenetrated by it. The way the soul connects with our body varies from person to person and according to the prevailing conditions in our life.” I Connecting : The Soul’s Quest by Kristina Kaine www.

There are lots of ways to test this information. We could begin by thinking of something or someone that we love – feel the warm radiate from you in the direction of that which you love. Sustain that feeling for a while and feel the glow.

Now think of something or someone that you hate. How do you feel now? How different is it from the previous feeling?

Now use your thinking to reduce the hatred that you feel. Think through some thoughts that lessen the feeling of hatred, like, “She is not that bad really, I mustn’t feel so irritated by her behaviour. I should respect my fellow human beings.”

Now we can get a sense of how the activity of our soul changes its movement, its direction, its intensity – perhaps we could liken it to the weather patterns in our atmosphere.

When we start to realise that the activity is not just inside us, but also outside us then we begin to understand the effect we can have on others through our feelings, thoughts and intentions.

Apply these ideas to your life throughout the week. You might like to keep a journal and record your observations. It would be great if you could share some of these experiences here.

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