What is behind aggression and hostility?

What is behind the increasing exposure of aggression and hostility in society? At the same time, it is often met with a similar level of aggression and hostility.

Perhaps this is because we live in a world that is increasingly fostering freedom of expression. People are doing things and revealing things in a more open way. Victims are finding the courage to speak of things that have remained hidden for many years. Things like sexual trespassing, hostility, bullying, dishonesty, disrespect, and so on.

We are dealing here with the soul forces we refer to as our feelings and our will; feelings, which are only semi-conscious, and the will, which is unconscious. This means people’s actions are not fully conscious and, at the same time, we are groping in the dark as we try to understand what some human beings do to other human beings. Because of everyone’s lack of awareness, we can quickly blame one party or another, and even our own judgment can cause damage.

We will never fully understand these behaviours unless we factor in reincarnation and karma. Why does a sexual predator target one person and not another? Why does a bully pick on one person and not another? What is the attraction to one and not the other? We can only answer this if we look to interactions in past lives.

It is not a matter of knowing in detail about the past life; it is about recognizing the friction, the hostile feeling that motivates the will of a person to impose himself or herself on another person. These semi-conscious feelings and unconscious will impulses seek compensation. Here lies the secret. This compensation-seeking gives us the opportunity to act firmly and wisely, without embittering and embarrassing others.

Acting firmly and wisely towards a sexual predator sends a signal that they are acting (using their semi-conscious feelings and unconscious will) inappropriately. If, each time they sexually harass someone, they meet with firm and wise actions from their victim, society can be spared the disturbance that ripples out like stone after stone being thrown into a pond.

How do we find the courage to act firmly and wisely? When our I-being is active in our soul, we will respond in a balanced way that does not cause ripples. Our goal is to restore harmony, not just for our own sake, or the sake of the other person, but also for the fabric of society. This applies to any interaction between people, even the smallest annoyance.

Until more people experience their “I Connection” society will struggle with the effects of disharmony. We can call it swallowing our pride, subduing our ego, backing down, but in reality, we are activating a level of objectivity that observes all aspects of the situation and is able to respond without embarrassing or embittering. If, every time we have certain feelings or consider acting, we think twice about the ramifications for everyone, we will make a great contribution to the future.

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  1. Olyve Hernandez

    Dear Kristina,
    I have experienced a lot if this karmic retributions since young. I never was assertive and preferred to keep quiet rather than confront because I feared others will get more aggressive and abusive. I developed depression abd gratefully to God, I have overcome it. However I still experience aggression once a while. Although I am responding better instead of reacting, I still tend to keep the event trapped in my body for days or weeks, processing it and asking why it happebed. Would you have any advise as to how I can quickly let go the trapped hostile energy that I absorbed from others? Thank you.

    1. Kristina Kaine

      Dear Olyve,
      Thank you for sharing. Your situation must be very difficult. The fact that you are aware and trying to deal with situations is a great start, and you will get better at it as time goes by.
      My best advice is to try to become what I call the ‘interested observer’. You can do this in helicopter mode, hovering over the situation as if you are looking at a situation happening to other people. I am not always successful at this, but it does work sometimes.

  2. For anyone who needs an antidote to all the above ,Listen to the CHRISTED Voice of Kristina on her podcasts…this Channel of Christ will Transform ,Heal, and elevate you .I suffer from depression ,and I felt such upliftment that it was as if the pit ,the abyss vanished. Dear Olyve and other readers struggling with the rapid increase of stress in our daily lives ,will KNOW that you are not alone..xx

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