What is the point of reincarnation?

As we work with our soul faculties of feeling, thinking and willing, we experience the extent to which each of these is developed. Usually the most active of these is feeling because we have worked with it the longest. Our task is to ennoble our feeling so that it moves from being self-centered to being compassionate for everyone we come into contact with.

The next faculty is thinking, the faculty of which we are most conscious. Yet, as we considered previously, thinking is far from perfect. In fact, for the most part we think dead thoughts. These static thoughts lie in our soul like corpses. They are limited by our personal experiences and we usually reject new ideas, especially if they challenge our comfortable secondhand thoughts.

The third faculty is willing, an inner force with which we are least familiar. Once we begin to be aware of it, we realize that we have a long way to go before we can direct our will with precision.

By laying out these three soul faculties we can see that within us they evolve but also, that they have evolved throughout human evolution. This brings me to the point of reincarnating. Each human being lives on the earth repeatedly so that they can develop these soul faculties. Furthermore, each period of time lends itself to the right circumstances for developing these faculties. If history was studied with this in mind it could be shown how feeling and thinking developed in earlier periods, and why willing is developing now.

If we can remain open to this idea we will be in a better position to work with our will and use it to become aware of the purpose of our ‘I’. It is when we become aware of our ‘I’ that we can use feeling, thinking and willing more consciously. It is also the ‘I’ that directs each new incarnation, placing us in a situation that will give it the best opportunity to develop, again and again.

Reincarnation by Anatola Araba

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