Who am I?

Welcome to the start of an awesome quest. You will find many clues along the way to assist you to find exactly what you are looking for. Not sure what you are looking for? Read on.

How often have you asked yourself the question: who am I? Do you sometimes think that there is more to you than meets the eye? How often do you say or think: No one really understands me?

These thoughts can arise because we don’t really understand ourselves. We have an inkling that we are more than a human being with a body that goes about life as we have been taught by our parents, relatives, friends and teachers. It might be more accurate to speak of this as conditioning; our behaviour changes each time we are rewarded or punished. Each time someone approves of something that we do, we do it more often, any disapproval for something that we do discourages us from repeating that behaviour.

One of the most powerful conditioners we have experienced in our life is being told not to copy the work of our school mates. Yet, it is only by copying that we learn. If we had copied our schoolmates more often we may have discarded many of our ideas to reach some truly creative and innovative ideas of our own.

As you have been reading these ideas you have been using the three basic human faculties of feeling, thinking and will. This is loosely referred to as the human mind that is part of the human body. But is it?

Do we have a complete picture of a car by describing its shell, its shape and colour, while ignoring the engine, mechanics and the driver? The truth is that our physical body without our soul and spirit is just an empty shell.

Our quest is to discover our own human soul and spirit and distinguish it from our body. Then we can come much closer to answering that powerful question: Who am I? This self-knowledge is a very powerful thing.

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