Who is conducting your soul?

I just heard the famous conductor Riccardo Muti being interviewed about the way he conducts an orchestra. He is in Australia at the moment and has conducted the Australian World Orchestra.

He explained that conducting is not just about waving your arms around, mentioning that a donkey could do that. He said it wasn’t just a physical thing. He eventually said it was to do with the soul, but he didn’t know what the soul was. Then he said, it is about feeling.

In that sense he is right, the basic element of the soul is feeling. BUT, that is not all that the soul is. The activity of the soul is tripartite: feeling, then thinking and finally the will impulse. If we just stay in our feelings we remain in the elemental part of the soul. We ennoble the soul by combining thinking with feeling, and we further ennoble it with the inclusion of the will.

The only only way we can truly ennoble the soul is with the conscious involvement of the “I”. This is why I Connecting is so important. We cannot understand the true nature of the human “I” without an awakened soul.

Then, once the soul faculties are awakened we can allow the “I” to be the conductor of our soul. Hopefully our “I” will be as skilled as Riccardo Muti

Photo: RiccardoMuti©ToddRosenberg-Photography

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