Why are we ok with discrimination?

If you don’t think you discriminate then think about all the times you have disagreed with someone. Any disagreement or argument is a form of discrimination. Discrimination goes way beyond: I don’t like the colour of your skin or the shape of your face. I don’t like the idea of you in a same sex relationship. I don’t like your ideas about religion, race and politics. I don’t like geeks, motor cycle gangs, hipsters and so on.

Whenever we take sides, we are polarised; I like this, I don’t like that – it is a tug-of-war. In physics, polarisation means to restrict the vibration of light. We could apply this principle in our soul. Our soul is a continual vibration of thinking, feeling and will constantly moving in response to every moment of the day. Whenever these three functions get out of balance, we can feel a bit wobbly and the light in our soul is restricted. Where does this light in our soul come from? It comes from our ‘I’, the self we refer to when we say “I”. Think about the letter I, it is tall and straight, upright and balanced and there is no obstruction on either side of it, above or below it. We can imagine it stretching to eternity.

When we see things from the perspective of our ‘I’ all discrimination disappears. Every person on this earth has an ‘I’ and we are all striving to express ourselves through it consciously. Next time we disagree with someone, or dislike them for what they say or represent, we can stop and think about the beauty and majesty of the human ‘I’ that unites us all. All discrimination dissipates and we can experience care and concern, and even love, for each fellow human being who strives, just like we do, to express themselves through the ‘I’ in ever higher ways.

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