Why don’t we like everybody?


The idea that we might have lived on this earth before is becoming more acceptable these days. If we did, what does it mean for everyday life? In fact, what is the point of accepting reincarnation as a fact if it has no relevance in our lives? So, if we have lived other lives, how does it play out in our lives today?

Take the simplest example. Do you like everyone you meet? In fact, do you meet some people that you dislike intensely? (I hear the loud “Yes!”) Then ask: do you meet some people who seem to dislike you without even knowing you? (louder, “Yes!!!”). How can this be? Is it a look in the eye, choice of clothes, body language?

There could be a simpler explanation? Let’s say you were with this person in another life and they stole from you, or you stole from them. Perhaps they stole your wife/husband and you were left broken hearted. Your aching heart etched into your being year after year as you thought of your lost love and the person you blame for luring them away. What would be among your last thoughts when you died?

Then you are reborn, to different parents, in a different country, and one day you meet this person that for half a lifetime you have blamed for your unhappiness (or reverse roles). Where does this situation leave us? We have a choice. We can continue to be consumed by our hatred, or we can rise above it and meet the person on another level. The way we do this is through our higher self, the human I. If we reject the other person our soul comes into play – this is a great way to identify what is soul and what is I (spirit) within us.

Little Peasants – Marc Chagall, 1968

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  1. I totally believe in reincarnation. As a pisces, I am part of the oldest zodiac sign and have lived through each of the star signs to come finally to pisces. All my life people have been telling me I remind them of their grandmothers – And we don’t know why. My mother said that when I was born I had an old face and people I feel like I recognise people I have never met before. Gut reactions to people can be so intense.

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