Why is Spiritual Development Important?

Everything in this world evolves, that is a fact. The way human beings think certainly evolves, we only need to compare the way we think today with the way we thought even 50 years ago.

One way to understand this evolving process is to compare it to the life cycle of a plant; seed, roots, leaf, bud, flower, fruit and seed. We can apply this sequence of events to every area of our life, as well as to every area of the whole world, to nature and even organisations and countries.

We know from experience that not everything or everyone evolves at the same pace. In fact, we know that if some things do not evolve they will die. This is not about the survival of the fittest; it is about keeping pace with current developments. We each have the ability to make the choice to improve ourselves.

One of the best ways to ensure the life cycles of our development continue, and that we don’t get stuck in any stage of the cycle, is to read uplifting material. Just reading such material is not enough however, we must also contemplate it and apply it in a practical way in our lives. In this way we begin to discover the highest we can be.

Every human being has the ability to discover his or her Higher Self. We do this by first becoming aware of the centre of our own being from which we say “I”. Initially this ‘I’ wants to put itself first, this is natural. However, because we evolve, we cannot stay stuck in this stage. Another stage always follows after putting ourselves first, and for each of us this will be different. It could be caring for a member of our family, or commitment to our work, or our friends, that takes us to the next stage.

By developing ourselves spiritually, it follows that we contribute to the development of humanity. It is far more important to think of our development benefiting the whole rather than just ourselves.

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